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Are you a USPS customer?
If yes,

Then you would have surely heard about the most popular service that USPS offers, the service which is known as USPS Tracking service. 

Have you heard of it? In case you still do not know about this service, let us throw some light on USPS tracking facility. It is the service that the United States Postal Service offers to its customers, where they have an opportunity to track their packages themselves.

Since the time USPS has started providing this service, USPS tracking service has become a favourite of many. It is because in the current world, the customers always want to remain updated and they want to keep an eye on their merchandise all the time. Using this service, the customers get to know where their packages which they have ordered are. They use a special number to track the shipments. That number is known as USPS tracking number. Let’s learn more about it.

Heard of UPS Tracking?

It is a method facilitated by the company to allow the users to get aware of the updated status of their package. The UPS tracking lets you know exactly where your shipment is, and when can you expect your package delivery. This service is automatically included with most of the packages. Also, for using this service, you don’t need to pay anything as it is free of cost. UPS uses a unique number for this service, and they provide that number to the customers and use it themselves as well. That number is called Tracking Number.

As we already know now what is the USPS tracking, another thing to know is that USPS assigns a number with almost all the packages shipped by the customer. This number that USPS allocates is known as the Tracking Number. Using the same tracking number, the customers can track their shipments and get to know where is their shipment in the process of transit. This tracking service by United States Postal Service helps the customer to track his mail item anytime and from anywhere. Also, there are several methods to track the shipment. The only thing that you must have for tracking the package is the tracking number. This USPS track number is written on the mailing receipt.

Tracking is one of the most preferred services by the people of the United States. This service is best suited for the people who always want to remain updated about their parcel. Since the USPS started this facility of USPS tracking, the customers are now satisfied and joyous. USPS includes this tracking number in all the domestic shipping products. But, there are a few exceptions. USPS does not include the tracking number with the services like Commercial Standard Mail parcels as this service is unlike the domestic mailing. Though if a customer wishes to use the tracking service on the Commercial Standard Mail parcels, he can do so by bearing an extra cost. But the thing you must know is that this additional service of tracking does not guarantee delivery. One of the proofs of delivery is the signature of the person who is receiving the delivery of the shipment. To get this proof of delivery, the customer needs to add one of the compatible services with the International products. Using this method, the customers can track and trace the international packages as well, which is called USPS international tracking number service.

Before we get to know our tracking no., firstly you need to determine whether the tracking facility is even available with your postage or not. So, the first thing to do is to know which USPS postage products come along with the tracking facility automatically, because USPS does not provide the tracking facility with all the postages. Only a handful services include the United States Postal Service label number. The postages with which the tracking service is available automatically are Global Express Guaranteed, Collect on Delivery, Registered Mail, Certified Mail, USPS Tracking, Signature Confirmation, and Priority Mail. Only these postages include the tracking service automatically, and you will get the shipping number for your package. If you have not subscribed to any of the given postages, then also you can get the tracking facility. Do you want to know how? To get this number for the postage which is not part of these postages, you can get it by paying the extra money.

Coming to the second point, you can check your United States post office tracking number in your account of the site. The site is from where you have placed the order for the product. As you see it, write down the number from that site.

Another place to find your USPS shipping number is your email. Open your email and look for the tracking no. At the time of your order which in case you have placed online, USPS would have surely sent you an email mentioning the number.

Are you also the one, who is not able to find your post office tracking number on your receipt? You need not worry because you are not the only one. USPS receives a lot of query from the people that they are not able to trace their tracking no. and hence they cannot track their shipment. They are not able to view their tracking no. on the USPS receipt. So, we must explain to them how to find the number on your USPS shipment receipt. It is quite easy to find it.

This number consists of many numerical digits. And after finding it out, you will be able to track your mail item that USPS has sent you. You can fetch your number on one of the below locations:

  • In case you have sent your parcel from the main site of USPS –, then you will get your it in your email.
  • If the customer has bought the insurance at the post office, then he will find his tracking no. on his sales receipt.
  • One place where you may find it is in the package receipt of your post office.
  • If you have missed your USPS delivery, then you will find it on the orange slip (back side) the USPS would have given you.
  • Please see if this number is written on the tracking label. USPS sometimes write this number in the peel-off part of the tracking label.
  • Your USPS parcel tracking number may also be there in the confirmation email, which online retailer would have sent you.